Zelle Guidelines

Zelle Guidelines

Sun City Anthem Hiking Club uses Zelle to receive annual dues and to receive payment for special events.   The Hiking Club chose to use Zelle because it allows for seamless payments directly to the Club’s bank account, it is a safe and secure transfer of funds between banks, and it is free.  The following guidelines were developed so our members can easily make payments for annual dues and special events.  Each bank will have its own interface and instructions, so these guidelines only apply to making payments to the Hiking Club.

General Guidelines:  More than 2,100 financial institutions have Zelle built into their mobile apps and their bank websites.  To see a list of banks using Zelle to transfer money, go to https://www.zellepay.com/get-started or contact your bank to determine if it has Zelle incorporated in its website or mobile banking app.  If so, you can use your bank’s mobile app following the instructions provided by your bank.  If your bank does not have Zelle as a transfer option, you can contact support for other options.

When sending money to the Hiking Club, the recipient is:  Treasurer@suncityanthemhikingclub.com.  You will only need to add this contact once, after that it will be available for subsequent payments.

The Treasurer and Membership Coordinator need to know the purpose of the Zelle payments they receive, otherwise they won’t know whose membership to update, etc.  So, in the message section, always indicate who and what you are paying for – annual dues, hiking cap or a special event.  Additionally, if you are paying for another member enter their name.  If you are paying for yourself and another member enter both of your names.  If another person is using their Zelle account to make a payment on your behalf, make sure they enter your name and the purpose in the message section.

A FAQ page has been developed for your convenience and will be amended as more questions arise.  Additionally, if you have questions regarding using Zelle please contact techsupport@suncityanthemhikingclub.com

For New Members:    Please fill out the online membership application and submit your dues via Zelle within one week of submittal. The application will not be processed until payment is received.  Always include your name in the message section and if you are making the payment for two new applicants, please note both names, for example, “Jane and John Doe, New Member Dues”.  If joining the Club after April 1, renewal payment will not come due until December 31 of the following year.

The online membership application can be found on our website at:  https://suncityanthemhikingclub.com/sun-city-anthem-hiking-club-online-application/.  

Renewing Members:   You will receive notifications as we approach the December 31st annual dues renewal date.  Once you have registered a Zelle account on your bank’s mobile app or website, send your renewal dues to Treasurer@suncityanthemhikingclub.com  As mentioned above add the pertinent information in the message section.