Membership Information


Sun City Anthem Hiking Club


The Sun City Anthem Hiking Club is a group of residents who enjoy hiking in our beautiful Arizona mountains and deserts.  There are weekly hikes from November through March for beginner, intermediate and advanced hikers.  Most hikes are Wednesday mornings and depart from the Union Center.  We also offer overnight hikes towards the beginning and end of the hiking season.

This is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the Arizona scenery, and meet your Sun City Anthem Merrill Ranch neighbors who also have an interest in the outdoors.

Annual dues are $30 per person and individuals must be a resident of Sun City Anthem to join the club.  New Members enrolling after March 31 do not have to renew dues until December of the following year. Dues are to be submitted via Zelle to within 7 days of application.  Please see the Zelle Guidelines and FAQs for further information. 

Due to extreme desert conditions in which we live, all new members must attend a one-hour orientation and participate in an introductory hike before you can sign up for hikes. After submitting your application and paying your dues, we will direct you on how to schedule your orientation. Upon attending the orientation and introductory hike you will receive your name tag and a medical information form. Please complete the medical information form which is folded within the name tag and attach it to your pack. The form will remain confidential and only be accessed in case of a medical emergency while on the trail. You will also have full access to the Sun City Anthem Hiking Club website and will be able to sign up for weekly hikes. All hike registrations are made through the Club’s website.


If this sounds good to you and you want to join the club, then complete the information in our online application form.



If you would like more information before you join, then please contact one of these individuals and they will help you in anyway they can:


Bill Scott: Cell-520-840-8879


Martha Scott, Club President: Cell-520-840-8868