Hike registration instructions

Over the summer of 2022, the Club made some changes to our website. Most of these changes were “under the hood” and designed to make the website more stable. However, the changes required revisions to the look and feel of hike signups. It is pretty simple and we hope most people will find it easy to use. This page is designed to help you understand how to navigate the new process.

First, you should know that the process has not changed very much. Just about everything is the same except for the registration page. Previously, when you selected a hike from the calendar to investigate, you were presented with a lengthy page. The hike detail sheet was printed at the top, there was a list of hikers going and a register button, maps and more.

The hike detail sheet no longer displays on the hike registration page. It now is linked to a button that says (duh..) “Hike Detail Page”. When you click that button it opens up the hike detail sheet that you are used to seeing, but on a separate page. The event page where you can register will display date, time and list of hikers registered for the hike. We now have a Google map link to the actual trailhead for the hike. Look under the Venue section in the example displayed below. If you choose, you can click that link and it will provide a map and directions to the trailhead for you. Of course, the hike detail page will still provide written directions.

Here is an example of the new page:

When you are ready to register just click the Register button. You will see this form drop down:


Some information will be pre-filled for you (first name, last name and email). You will need to enter your phone number, whether you can drive and how many people you can take besides yourself. You will also need to enter your emergency contact name and phone. This will be used by the hike leader in the unlikely event of something happening to you. When you are done click the Submit button and you are done! If you decide you don’t want to register then just click the registration button again and the form will close.

After you click the Submit button you will be returned to the sign up page, where it will confirm you have signed up. You should show up on the list, but if not, refresh the page. Also, you will receive an email confirming your registration.