Basic Rules of Safety and Courtesy


On our hikes, we want to enjoy our beautiful Arizona country and enjoy the company of the other hikers – all in a safe manner. By joining the Sun City Anthem Hiking Club you agree to abide by the following basic rules of safety and courtesy.

  1. Do not overestimate your ability or underestimate the terrain.
  2. All hikes will have a posted departure time. Please arrive 15 minutes early.
  3. It is recommended that each rider donate to the driver an amount to help offset the cost of travel.
  4. Each hike will have a hike leader who has final say on the hike. The leader will be at the front of the group. There will also be a sweep at the end of the hike. All hikers must stay between these two. Anyone not complying will be deemed to have left the group and no longer be participating in the hike.
  5. During the hike, stay with the group. If you do not feel well, do not hesitate to ask for a rest, or to return to the trailhead. Safety is our number one priority.
  6. Bring plenty of water – a minimum of two liters. On hot days or longer hikes, you should bring additional water.  Drink often during the hike.
  7. Bring snacks and a light lunch. Even on short hikes it is good to have some nourishment.
  8. The hike detail sheet for each hike will show the difficulty (distance/elevation gain/trail conditions). Be sure to read it before attempting the hike. Do not go on a hike “just to see if you can make it”. This is dangerous and unfair to the other hikers.
  9. Each person will be responsible for their own first aid.
  10. Each hiker must wear his/her Hiking Club name tag with their medical and emergency information. Please be sure the medical information is complete and up to date.
  11. No guests or dogs are allowed on club hikes.
  12. With approval in advance from the Club President, a hike leader from another hiking club may join us on a hike. He or she will have a name tag, i.e.: Ambassador.
  13. For each member’s safety, the Club has the right to remove a member for not following these rules.