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The Sun City Anthem at Merrill Ranch (SCAMR) Hiking Club is comprised of members who enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of Arizona’s deserts, canyons and mountains.

The Club organizes hikes in varying lengths and difficulties to serve the needs and interests of our members. There are weekly hikes from November through March for beginner, regular and advanced hikers. Most hikes are Wednesday mornings and depart from the Union Center. The Club also sponsors special social events and seminars to further our understanding of Arizona geology and history.

This is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the Arizona scenery, and meet your Sun City Anthem Merrill Ranch neighbors who also have an interest in the outdoors.  The club is open to all SCAMR residents and renters from beginners to experienced hikers.  Due to the extreme desert conditions in which we live, we require anyone interested in joining the club to attend a short orientation (about one hour) and go on a welcome hike (about three miles).  These two steps will help you get ready to go hiking.

The dues are $30.00 per person per year.  Individuals must possess a Sun City Anthem Merrill Ranch activity card to join the club.

If you would like more information or wish to get started, Contact Us.