Activities Liability Waiver


By joining the Sun City Anthem Hiking Club you are agreeing to the following liability waiver for all club activities.

“I am aware and accept that the hiking activities are coordinated by volunteers of the Sun City Anthem Hiking Club, who may have no outdoor leadership and/or first aid training. I also am aware that the hiking activities could be hazardous, and I could suffer injuries or death and I voluntarily assume all such risks. Each hike participant who either provides transportation or rides with another to and from the hike trailhead accepts full responsibility for such travel.

I waive any right or claim I, or my heirs, dependents or assigns may have against the Sun City Anthem Hiking Club. I release, waive and hold harmless the Sun City Anthem Hiking Club and its members from any liability arising directly or indirectly from any act of omission or commission, including that of negligence.”