Zelle FAQ

Zelle FAQs

Why can’t I use PayPal?

The federal government passed a law saying that receipts of over $600 become taxable to the person owning the account.  The PayPal account was opened in a member’s name.  Understandably, that member, nor any other member, wanted their tax bill effected by this new requirement.

What is Zelle and is it secure?

Zelle is an electronic method to transfer funds between financial institutions in minutes.  This is a direct transfer, and no third party is involved.  Zelle uses multiple authentication and monitoring features to keep transactions secure.

How do I open a Zelle account if I don’t currently have one?

If your bank or credit union offers Zelle, it’s already available in your mobile banking app or online banking just follow the directions that your bank provides.  If your bank does not support Zelle you can download the Zelle app from Google Play or the Apple Store and link your debit card to Zelle following the instructions on the Zelle website.

Can I use a friend’s or relative’s Zelle account to pay my dues and fees?

Yes, you may.  It is important that you include who and what the payment is for in the message section.

What if I forget to pay my dues?

As in previous years, as we approach the annual dues renewal date of December 31 you will receive notifications.  If you neglect to pay your dues in a timely manner your membership will be discontinued.  If you want to continue your membership you can submit a new application and pay your dues via Zelle.